Welcome to Plathville: All The Signs Max & Moriah will get Together Again


“Welcome to Plattville” stars Max Kalschmidt and Moriah Platt are currently not on good terms after the breakup, but there is a possibility that they may be together again. Obviously, they both still have strong feelings for each other, even though the relationship is over. Now fans are again looking for all possible signs of a love affair.

In the second season of “Welcome to Platteville,” fans were immersed in Moria’s first real romantic relationship. Max stole everyone’s hearts when he was riding his motorcycle cool. The two seemed to really love each other, and with her newfound freedom, Moriah made the most of every moment. When their courtship blossomed, Max told about his feelings to Moria after he gave her the promised ring on his little finger, which symbolized their eternal love. However, Max later decided to cheat by losing Moriah’s trust, eventually breaking off their relationship.

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After a series of make-ups and breakups, Moriah and Max seem to be done for good. Nevertheless, some hints make the viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” hope for a possible reunion. One of the main hints that Moria has not forgotten her first boyfriend is the fact that she fiercely tried to protect Max from any negative reaction in the press. Max and Moriah broke up in October 2021, but did not announce it until the new year. Moriah hasn’t commented on the split yet and is still trying to make it look good. The desire of the “Welcome to Platteville” star to protect her former beau proves that she may want to get back together in the future.

Although Moriah may no longer trust Max, his emotions during the conversation with Mika Plath seemed sincere. The Georgia native made it clear that he missed Moria, whose interest in life was contagious. Even though he cheated, he tried to embellish the infidelity by trying to spare Moria’s feelings. Although this move is not admirable, it shows that Max still has feelings for Moriah.

Both “Welcome to Plattville” stars have deleted photos of each other from their social media accounts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve deleted their love for each other. Although it will take some time and a lot of communication, Max and Moriah can still save their relationship if they want to. At the moment, it seems that both are happy living their independent lives as they figure out what they want in the future.