Weki Meki is Confirmed to Make a Comeback Next Month


Happy news for Ki-Ling, the name for Weki Meki’s fans, that their favorite girl group is confirmed to make a comeback in the near future.

According to media outlet reports on September 17, this girl group that is shaded by Fantagio Music is sure to return with a new music in October.

An insider said that the members of Weki Meki are currently busy preparing for their comeback which they last had in mid-June.

It is reported that they are currently in the final stages of preparations for their comeback mini album with the completion of all recording, making jackets, as well as making their comeback MV.

As fans know, Weki Meki just made their comeback 3 months ago, on June 18th to be precise with the release of the single “OOPSY”.

Stay tuned for more updates on Weki Meki’s comeback!


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