Wejdene was stuck without understanding why!


Bad time for Wejdene! After having been controversial twice, the young woman of 16 years is physically injured!

After making the buzz with her song “Anissa”, massively shared on TikTok during confinement, the beautiful Wejdene continues to multiply the successes … and the hassle!

Indeed, Wejdene is the talk of the party. And not always positively! Indeed, the latter was recently pinned for having involved a bear in her latest clip. The Peta association then took it upon themselves to give him a soap.

But after this first misstep, Wejdene did it again by going to a zoo in Dubai. The latter then posted pictures of herself with a captive monkey in her arms. “I miss him too much,” she said in the caption.
Enough to anger 30 million friends: “Do you ‘miss’ Wejdene too much? What this poor little monkey lacks is not being in his natural wild environment, not being with his mother, not being in disguise… AND not being operated by humans! “, The association wrote at the time.
A controversy to which the starlet did not respond but which she would surely like to be able to forget and quickly!


In addition to possibly feeling low, Wejdene tells fans on her Instagram account that she is in physical pain. Yes, a problem never comes alone!

Thus, the young woman of 16 years posted a Story in which she is in the car and holds her head. In the caption, the latter writes: “I have a stiff neck how did I do it ??”.

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FYI, a stiff neck is a painful contracture of the neck muscles that prevents you from turning your head. Ouch! Sad news for the singer!

We hope that doesn’t stop Wejdene from using his vocal cords!


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