Wejdene soon in Stéphane Plaza’s famous show on M6?


Wejdene, singer who is talking about her a lot at the moment, could indeed appear in the program of Stéphane Plaza on M6.

Singer Wejdene, revealed with her title “Anissa”, could well make a brand new appearance on TV. This time, her fans will be able to see him alongside Stéphane Plaza on M6.

The young singer stood out in March 2020 when she released her track “Anissa”. Since then, the young singer continues to create a buzz on the Web. No one can miss this young girl who has become a real phenomenon.

Wejdene is not afraid of anything. For good reason, she reveals her salary to her fans. Wejdene claims to earn between 3000 and 4000 euros per week.

She then explains, “If I’m not in need I will stop, but if I’m still in need I will continue, that’s for sure. I’m going to have to build something, we’re going to have to have some money aside. I invest for later. “.

Although the singer has made her mark on TikTok, she also seems to be taking over TV shows. Indeed, Wejdene integrated several weeks ago the villa of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World to interpret her title “Coco”. Besides, she was a hit!

Her passage had caused a lot of talk. And yet, the young “16” performer doesn’t seem to want to stop there. And this is not to displease her fans.

So it seems that Wejdene has plenty of new projects in mind. In fact, she could appear alongside Stéphane Plaza in her famous show on M6.


Always at the center of discussions on the Web, the singer continues to stand out. On social networks or on TV, nothing can stop him.

The young woman has always cultivated a great mystery around her person. Today she is more open and says she wants to invest in stone. The latter wishes to move.

From the top of her 16 years, Wejdene is very ambitious. This time around, she seems to want to build her future. The singer would therefore be looking for a new home. Yes, Wejdene could indeed stop the round trips to Dubai.

In fact, Wejdene is said to have decided to entrust her search for a home to Stéphane Plaza. On Instagram, the teenager does not hesitate to make a call to the famous real estate agent of the M6 ​​channel.

To respond to Wejdene’s request, Stéphane Plaza publishes a video in which he calls on all her contacts. The latter seems to agree to help the singer. He is ready to find him the rare pearl!

The singer’s new adventure is expected to be on the “House for Sale” show with many celebrities soon. To be continued.


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