Wejdene Music Video “16” PETA’s Anissa Calls Out!


Wejdene has just released her new music video “16”. Unfortunately, the latter is controversial. And for good reason, she uses a bear.

Wejdene therefore released her new music video “16” only a few hours ago. But in addition to having broken records for views on YouTube, he is already controversial. And for good reason, the young woman uses a bear in her clip. This has not failed to annoy Internet users.

First bad buzz for singer Wejdene. Indeed, the young woman released her clip “16”, there is a little more than 24 hours and it is already controversial. And for good reason, at the beginning of the clip, we see the singer with a bear. Which obviously does not benefit Internet users who want the protection of animals.

Faced with the controversy, several associations have decided to react and challenge Wejdene. The League of the Animals posted a message on Twitter and wrote: “In these difficult and confining times you should all the more realize the suffering of a lifetime in captivity.”


But another association decided to react. She’s the one who fights against animal abuse. This is PETA.

The latter then sent a message to Wejdene. And ironically, the young woman who decided to alert him on the subject is called … Anissa!

So she sent a message to Wejdene in which she reacts. “Dear Wejdene. I am writing to you from PETA France. We have been contacted by people shocked by the images of a captive bear. He is featured in the music video for ’16 ′”.

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“You probably don’t know, but bears used in the entertainment industry suffer terrible physical and psychological abuse. Even if they are not always visible during a day of filming. ”

“For these wild animals, the docility necessary to shoot a music video can only be achieved at the cost of particularly violent training. But above all made of blows and privations. ”

“We know this information will affect you. And that you don’t want to support cruel acts on the millions of people who will be watching this clip. ”

Wejdene has yet to react to the controversy.


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