Wejdene is counting on the effects on those around her!


During an interview with Here, the beautiful Wejdene does not hesitate to return to her beginnings and her relationship to success!

Famous at just 16, Wejdene talks about what her fame has changed in her relationships with her friends.

While still in college, the singer faced a lot of criticism: “There was a lot of teasing, there were some that made people laugh. [They told me] that I sang, that I wrote badly: “You will never break through”, etc. When I posted [a singing video] the next day, I knew in college I was going to be teased. », Explains Wejdene.

Today those times seem far away … Although she sometimes receives criticism for her new hair color for example!

But its success is now recognized. Indeed, from her young age, Wejdene already has nearly 1.5 million subscribers behind her. She also received a gold and diamond record. Just that !


Wejdene had to learn to live with success. She explains: “At first it was cool to be recognized in the street, but now, not being able to go out without someone approaching me, the mini riots in the stores is too much.”

This celebrity also prevented him from continuing her studies in high school: “I cannot go back there”. She also comes to talking about her friends: “Friends in high school, I didn’t have any. I was staying with my sister and that’s it “.

Then she continues: “My friends, I had them outside [school]. But then again, things have changed for the young woman: “Let’s say I have two, three sure friends left. The others, I crossed them out, “she exclaims, laughing.

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Wejdene also recounts being close to the famous Aya Nakamura: “We exchange a lot. She gives me advice. Eva Queen gave me some too “.

Will these new acquaintances be able to replace these friends from high school? Still, at least they understand success …


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