Wejdene faced Eric Antoine at LFAUIT!


Eric Antoine attacks Wejdene! The magician takes advantage of his jury position in France has an incredible talent to tackle the singer.

Because Wejdene didn’t have much to do with this story. But when the four jurors have to judge the performance of Lise and Christian, who came from Lorraine to sing Sortir, everything is carried away.

There are indeed two singers among the four jurors: Marianne James and Hélène Ségara … But the performance of Lise and Christian was not really successful … Critics are raining, except for Eric Antoine.

The magician prefers to be ironic: “I loved it, it’s pure genius, it’s freedom. I want to run naked and eat pangolin. He goes even further, adding, “As soon as I find my network again, I subscribe to your channel. ”

Eric Antoine therefore announces that from the show, he listens to their track “every day”. An irony that does not pass with the fourth juror, Sugar Sammy. The comedian criticizes him for “giving them hope”.


The comedian even before there is “no audience for these people” … But his fellow magician doesn’t seem to agree. “Hey folks, there is an audience for Wejdene, so there is an audience for everything. ”

So here is the young singer dressed for the winter … But Eric Antoine also quotes JuL in the artists that do not appeal to everyone. “I want to tell you that there is an audience for everything!”

Not sure Wejdene liked the punchline … But social media seems pretty okay at first. Note also the number of Tiktok on Anissa …

And especially those which describe the reactions of the public to the first listening! Not sure Eric Antoine wanted to be mean to Wejdene… But the tackle stings a bit!


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