Wejdene addicted to cosmetic surgery?


Wejdene has changed a lot since the start of her career! So, would the singer have had surgery? Wejdene is at the heart of a new controversy! Indeed, Internet users reproach it for having changed its face in recent months! So, would the young woman have yielded to the sirens of cosmetic surgery? We tell you everything!

It’s not always easy to become famous as a teenager! And that Wejdene understood it well! Indeed, the 16-year-old is receiving more and more criticism on social networks. And it is sometimes violent!

The pretty brunette has been in the spotlight for over a year now. Her haters then begin to spy on her every move!

The interpreter of Coco has been at the heart of a new controversy for several days. Indeed, her detractors accuse him of having changed face since her beginnings in music.

They accuse him of being addicted to surgery despite her young age! So, would Wejdene already be a scalpel at just 16? Or is this a new rumor? The star has decided to provide her answer in person!


Wejdene decided to come out of the silence during a question-and-answer answer with her fans on Instagram. The supermodel therefore responded to a message from a net surfer to clarify matters concerning her physique.

The youngster asks him: “You have changed physically for a year. Did you touch up something on your face? “. And the artist is quick to answer cash: “No, I just grew up.” What to silence the bad tongues!

The message is therefore clear: the protégé of Feuneu has never had cosmetic surgery. And the latter isn’t planning to touch her face just yet!

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Wejdene just evolved over the months. Make up, hairstyle, clothing… the bombshell is becoming more and more mature thanks to its new look. And that has nothing to do with operations!


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