Weird West Promises a Unique Experience in An Old West Hybrid


Weird West: Two years after its announcement, Weird West is close to release. This top-down cowboy RPG is the first game from WolfEye Studios, a developer made up of seasoned professionals from around the world, including Raphaël Colantonio and Julien Roby, former employees of Arkane Studios, working on titles like Prey and Dishonored.

The proposal to mix fanciful elements of the old west, a non-linear exploration and a gameplay open to different styles pleased Devolver Digital, popular publisher of indies games, who invited us to chat with the developers and learn more about the game.

Little money, a lot of creativity

Weird West makes up for its low budget with good ideas. Starting with its stylized art direction, reminiscent of the classic Tex comic book. This specific trait makes the mixture of the real and the fanciful not only become more natural but also make the experience more immersive.

Along with that, we have smaller areas, but extremely exploitable and open to original strategies, leaving the player’s imagination to resolve each obstacle, conflict and situation in which he finds himself. This demonstrates the developers’ expertise in telling fascinating stories and presenting immersive experiences, even without a ton of cash on hand.

Blood in the eye and bullet in the needle

Combat values ​​the player’s creativity. While you can shoot anything that moves, like a classic Clint Eastwood character, you can use the environment and various items to distract your opponents, kill stealthily or even be different in how to murder anyone who crosses your path. path. An interesting way is to break a lantern near an enemy and shoot it in their direction, which will ignite the item’s oil and burn that poor soul to death.

All opponents, human or not, drop items that can be carried in your backpack and used during your adventures. Also, they can be buried in case there is some kind of goodness in their heart after all the killing.

According to Raphaël Colantonio, president and creative director of the studio, it is possible to avoid many confrontations, including some random ones that can happen, in the greatest Pokémon style, but it is not possible to finish the adventure without getting blood on your hands.

A living, creative and curious world

Some other very interesting systems that are worth mentioning are the weather, with the possibility of a small tornado invade the map and throw everything into the air, you can recruit NPCs to help you in the adventure, dying for you or saving your skin, and there are interrogations that are done to reveal new information about groups, treasures or quests.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the player can return to previously explored locations to revisit, face new enemies and check if nothing has been left behind, showing that the idea of ​​“non-linear exploration” is not only part of the marketing campaign .

After the presentation, I can say that Weird West is not just hype, but a simple and ambitious project that promises to place WolfEye Studios as a great project developer and attest that Devolver hardly ever sleeps in service. The game will be released in the spring of this year, that is, between September and December 2021.


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