Weird Platoon 3 Glitch Shows Inkling Sucked Out Of Helicopter


Many gamers have tested Salmon Run in Splatoon 3, and one player stumbled upon a glitch that caused his inkling to be sucked out of a helicopter while playing in this mode. First introduced in the series back in Splatoon 2, Salmon Run has expanded even further in Splatoon 3, adding content such as original stages and new salmon to fight. In addition to this new content, there seems to be at least one new, albeit funny bug in game mode.

On Reddit, a user known as diaperhedgehog shared a video about an unusual encounter they had in Splatoon 3, getting ready to play a Salmon Run match at spawning grounds. The short clip began with a group of Inklings sitting inside a helicopter — this is the introduction to Salmon Run. As a rule, players take the form of a squid and move to the stage below to start the round after a short flight across the stage. However, this time everything did not go according to plan.

When the camera looks at the Inklings, one of the players suddenly flies out of the helicopter. Adding humor to the situation, the other characters in the helicopter seemed oblivious to their teammate’s sudden disappearance. Although it is possible that the unfortunate inkling appeared at the beginning of the first round as if nothing had happened, it is unclear exactly what happened to him after he was sucked out of the helicopter at the beginning of Salmon Run.

He was sucked into the helicopter blades 🙁 from splatoon

Unsurprisingly, many gamers have noticed this strange glitch fixed by diaperhedgehog on Reddit. Since the clip was published less than a day ago, more than 2,000 users voted for it. In addition, in this video, many joked about the misfortune of Incling from Splatoon 3. For example, one gamer joked that before the start of the game, players flew through the “turbulence of the next level”. In fact, another user even noticed that one of the other inklings was laughing at the whole ordeal.

It’s not surprising that some gamers have encountered several bugs in Splatoon 3, given how large the player base is after its launch. Since the game was released, it has sold very well. For example, more than 3.45 million copies of Splatoon 3 have been sold in Japan, which is more than the sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon Sword and Shield for the same time period.

Since Splatoon 3 is now available for purchase and play for all Switch users, it will be interesting to see what other unusual clips players will be able to shoot in the game. One thing is for sure; if they are as weird as this video from diaperhedgehog, they are unlikely to disappoint.

Splatoon 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch.


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