How weird! Billie Eilish scared her fans with a video


How weird! Billie Eilish scared her fans with a video where she teaches another facet!
Billie Eilish displayed her personality on instagram.

Billie Eilish is known in the music industry as an artist who is not afraid to teach her true personality and breaks the rules that are necessary for her style to fit.

Since its inception, the American singer has caused controversy with her music videos where she represents in a raw way some mental illnesses that she refers to with her lyrics.

However, her fans admire Eilish for the sincerity she represents and for not being intimidated by stereotypes, which she challenges every time she shows up on a red carpet.

Billie is expressed every so often by her instagram account, which she also uses as a channel to convey her true character. Days ago she surprised her fans with a video she titled “crazy.”

In the audiovisual, the interpreter of “Ocean Eyes” makes a series of faces with which she tried to scare Internet users, which she achieved in some, while others only took her for the funny side.

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