The Weeknd will be back soon with the song “Blinding Lights”!


It’s been a while since Canadian singer The Weeknd is calm and is not coming out of a new project. A small anomaly that will soon end. Indeed, he tease his return with the song Blinding Lights.

The Weeknd does not talk much anymore. In any case, from a musical point of view. Because the Canadian singer is more often in the headlines of the press. And that’s not always his fault. It’s because of the open war between Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. In conflict because of him, the two women do not talk anymore. And if Selena Gomez seems to want to put aside this fight, Bella Hadid does not want to forgive him. And therefore remains insensitive to the signals of appeasement.

But the musical silence of The Weeknd should not last long. A news that will delight fans of the Canadian singer. And it’s been several weeks since the artist remains mysterious. For if he had announced a return soon, he had not said more about the form that would take this return. We now know a little more.

To teaser the song Blinding Lights, which will sign great return, The Weeknd did not do things by half. The Mercedes Benz brand, it’s in a manufacturer’s advertisement that it says more. And to prepare for his return, he also made a reset of his Instagram account.

We know that Blinding Lights will be part of the Chapter IV project. We learn that this new sound has already been filed for the protection of its copyright. And, at its height, he was seen on the streets of Los Angeles. According to witnesses, they were shooting a clip.


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