Are The Weeknd and Halle Berry flirting publicly?


Under a publication by actress Halle Berry on Instagram, fans of The Weeknd surprise them in full flirtation. Are they together?

On Instagram, The Weeknd and actress Halle Berry exchange very suspicious comments under a post. Are they flirting before the eyes of their fans?

The intimate life of The Weeknd is just as intriguing! The reason ? After each disappointment in love, the artist always feels very inspired to write sublime songs.

In any case, that’s what his fans say! However, they would still like to see him happy in the arms of a woman. Is it too much?

Indeed, the singer of “Blinding Lights” spun great love with the famous model Bella Hadid. After their separation, the latter had been seduced by the singer Selena Gomez.

But ultimately, neither of the two relationships really worked. Besides, The Weeknd took a long time to recover! But today, he seems rather cured.

On Instagram, the sublime Halle Berry shares a gif of her, captured in the movie The Flintstones (1994). But on this one, the actress is really super sexy. So the singer can’t help but comment …

In front of the beauty of Halle Berry, The Weeknd cannot remain indifferent! The interpreter of “In Your Eyes” does not hide his attraction to the 53-year-old actress.

Indeed, the young man comments on his publication with the emoji “🔥”. However, no one understands the meaning of this flame. What did he mean?

In any case, the principal concerned seems to have understood her comment. And for proof, Halle Berry gives him back an emoticon. But this time, it uses: “🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️”.

It’s not the first time The Weeknd and Halle Berry have flirted publicly! But the artist denies any relationship with the actress.

According to him, there is nothing romantic. “I’m not so lucky yet. I hope one day. You know what, we were just having fun. Halle is my friend, and we had fun with that. It might be a light flirtation, but it’s nothing. “


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