The Weeknd et Drake appellent par surprise en vidéo un enfant malade !


Elijah Patrick Williams, who had cancer, was able to meet The Weeknd, Drake and J.Cole. The artists surprised the young boy by calling him by FaceTime before his death.

The touching images were posted on the Kultur Twitter account. In his final moments, an 11-year-old boy with cancer was able to fulfill a dream, meet his idols.

Indeed, while Elijah Patrick Williams, a young American, was fighting against the disease, his favorite singers, who are The Weeknd, Drake or J.Cole, took the initiative to make a video call with him in order to support him.

On the images, we can first see the face of the interpreter of Wet Dreamz on the smartphone screen. The latter then takes the floor and says: “It is a pleasure to meet you man. Before adding a touching “I love you brother.” ”

Thereafter, the little boy has the opportunity to chat a little with The Weeknd. And this meeting seems to make him extremely happy.

Indeed, seeing the head of The Weeknd, the young Elijah widens his eyes. It then says “Woah! “Surprised by the artists’ gesture, he was very moved.

Curled up in his chair, he even tries to reach the phone to get in touch with his favorite stars. And when The Weeknd tells him that he loves him, the young boy does not hesitate a second and immediately replies “I love you too. ”

At his side, his family seems as touched as him by the gesture of the stars. Indeed, a man seated near the boy looks at him with tenderness.

Elijah Patrick Williams had the opportunity to realize a dream before he breathed his last. In fact, the 11-year-old boy died on March 27.