Home Celebrity The Weeknd in 80’s mode: it reveals the piece “Blinding Lights”!

The Weeknd in 80’s mode: it reveals the piece “Blinding Lights”!


The Canadian singer returns in force! After a year of absence, The Weeknd has just released 2 titles in the space of 48 hours! A highly anticipated return by fans of the artist who have only one thing in mind … The release of a new album!

While in Hearless, the man was referring to his inability to love … In Blinding Lights, the lyrics are happier! “I can not sleep until I can hold you. You are the one in whom I trust. Writes The Weeknd, a man obviously very much in love. And for good reason, he recovered with Bella Hadid!


This year, the singer disappeared from the radar! Indeed, the artist has more talked about his love story with Bella Hadid than with his music! Yet it was only to better prepare his future projects! On November 26, 2019, The Weeknd released Heartless. A piece that talks about his inability to feel feelings. Indeed, The Weekd sings: “I am heartless. I’m back in my way because I’m heartless. I try to be a better man, but I am heartless. Words that should not appeal to her beloved, Bella Hadid. Fortunately for her, her other title Blinding Light, is not in the same theme.

After a year of waiting, fans will be happy to hear that Heartless songs and Blinding Lights are announcing a new project. An album entitled Chapter VI will see the day in 2020. Let’s hope for The Weeknd that this project will have the same success as Starboy. Indeed, this album had a bluffing first week in 2016, with 348,000 albums sold. Answer very soon … There is more to wait!



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