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May is already half over, the quarantine continues and many already have the first negative effects of isolation. We know that it has not been easy to adapt to changes due to the health crisis, perhaps you have also suffered from stress or your mood is low.

This week, the stars have the predictions for your zodiac sign, discover the advice and warnings of your weekly horoscope.

This week you will feel confident to say goodbye to those toxic people and overcome things from the past. Quarantine will begin to affect you, because you will feel drowned, but be patient. Don’t be so selfish, learn to listen and think twice before speaking.

There will be days where you will feel tired, try to cheer yourself up a bit. You will want to do many things at once, but you have to be patient. In love, you will be confused and you do not know if you are ready to take that step. Take care of your humor, do not take it out on others.

Think twice before acting, do not make decisions on impulse or it could bring you consequences. In love, things will not go as you expected, isolation and distance will affect your relationship, you have to think about what you want and if it is worth pursuing.

You will be very sensitive to your emotions, be careful. It’s time for you to think about your future, the health situation has turned your life upside down, but you have to fix things. You must learn to trust yourself more or you will feel that you are lost during these days.

Your emotions will be a roller coaster, learn to communicate and don’t be afraid to say what hurts you. Don’t listen to gossip and control your character or you could have discussions that will affect you. In love, you feel like that boy is no longer special, it’s time to say goodbye.

You must order your priorities, this is not the time to be selfish and believe that only you suffer. You will be very alert, your sixth sense will indicate that something will happen. You have to act faster, the month is half and you still do nothing of what you propose. You will talk more with your family or friends, it will be good to let off steam.

Start to value yourself and don’t let people make you feel bad with their comments and attitudes. Be more honest with the people around you, do not hurt without thinking about your actions. This week you will feel much more active.

This week you will dedicate yourself, you needed time alone to relax. With your crush, things will turn out better than ever. You will be very sensitive to people, you will even know what they want before they tell you, also beware of bad comments and do not stay silent.

You will be very sensitive and everything will affect you, the quarantine begins to have bad effects on you, try to get some air and be patient. Things with your crush are starting to get serious, it’s time to say whether to be more than flirting or dating. You must change your routine to stop boredom.

You will not have a good start to the week, but with the days things will improve. In love, everything will be fine with your partner, keep it up and don’t neglect communication. There will be something that will not go as you expected, but you have to be patient and not act on impulse, you will manage to keep your emotions in check.

You will have ups and downs with your partner and you will not stop worrying all week, trust him or her more. Do not trust people, you must learn not to say everything you have, want or what happens in your life. About school or work, you will have a lot of stress, you need to give yourself a break.


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