Weekly horoscope, from September 21 to 27


September is gradually ending and the Halloween season and cold weather is approaching. Know your weekly horoscope and discover the predictions of your zodiac sign.

The world situation gradually improves, but life does not stop despite everything, your emotions may have evolved in this period of confinement and the new way of leading your relationships or your daily routine, but do not let the changes affect you , follow the advice that the stars have for you in this new week full of opportunities.


Your emotions are sometimes your worst enemy and you must learn to confront the moods you experience, also the situations that arise in the next few days, in love, work or school, your mental and emotional strength will be your best ally before adversity. Trust in the force of the universe and in your sixth sense. Weekly horoscope from September 21 to 27, 2020.


This week you will shine for your intellect, your intelligence will help you in your work or school life for the next few days, so do not be afraid to participate or speak your mind. Sometimes you are more rational than sentimental, but it is good that you get carried away a bit. If you want things to evolve with your crush, you must take the first step.


Your mood will be a little off, so much free time will make your mind travel to memories of your past that could make you a little melancholic when you miss people who are no longer by your side. Ignore gossip and be careful who you help, because people can take advantage of you.


The next few days will be a roller coaster for you, as your emotions will be two opposite poles. In love, that boy will start to get your attention more than ever and you will start to develop feelings, on the other hand, life has you worried, you will feel insecure and anguished, but try not to think about bad things, maybe he is just a bad streak of negativity.


You are too proud and that sometimes affects your personal relationships, sometimes you have to give in a little. The week will be full of accomplishments for you, so try not to stress yourself out with all the responsibilities you have to do. Think before you speak, being honest and direct is not synonymous with talking too much, in love, you may finally have a date with your crush.


The following days you will be in a terrible mood, you will want to report everything, because the current situation has you a little tired, but you should not rush to make impulsive decisions. In love, you must make up your mind and be honest, you like that boy, but you are very demanding with him and you don’t know what you really want.


Things with your crush are going well, but you must understand that he also has time to be free, even if they are in quarantine, they do not need to be stuck 24 hours on the cell phone. Your emotions will be balanced this week, so it will be a good streak for you and your inner peace. You may have a conflict with someone, try to resolve it in a civilized way.


Stress and the roller coaster of emotions will be your companions this week, you need to give yourself a break or you could explode and take it out on others. Learn to accept that things don’t always go your way. Stop creating misunderstandings in your head, sometimes you have to observe and understand things well before acting.


Your week will be a great streak of good luck for you, your mood will be the best and you will receive good news and results in everything you do, the bad streak is out of your life. In love, things with your crush are better than ever, just go slowly and don’t rush things. Trust more in your sixth sense, if you feel that something is wrong, it is better to clarify things with that person.


You must learn to put yourself in the shoes of others and be more empathetic, on the other hand, you cannot force a person’s feelings for you, but you can show them why you are a trustworthy person. This week your mood will play tricks on you, stop dramatizing everything, stop feeling sad about things that you exaggerate yourself.


The week will be very heavy for you, you will question many things, but you must learn to identify the priorities of your life. Things with your crush will get a little bad, stop creating expectations around a boy who is not your boyfriend yet. You must learn to be more patient with people and communicate better so that they understand your concerns.


This week you will live without worries, paying extra attention generates stress. Stop repressing your emotions, you must learn to vent in a healthy way. You must overcome the past and not drag things into your present, it is time to overcome those people. Things with your crush decay little by little, you try to demand something that does not correspond to that boy


You are a trustworthy person and good company, more than one friend will need your advice these days. Bird You need time alone and it is not wrong to say it, because your mood later does not even support talking to others, but do not be so bitter. You will begin to have doubts about your crush, remember that jealousy is not good company, trust more.

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