Weekly horoscope from September 14 to 20


Find out if the planets aligned to make all your most valuable goals come true, know your weekly horoscope from September 14 to 20, 2020.

September is month nine, a number full of magic, because it is believed to be a very valuable symbol that connects man with his most sensitive side, leads him to develop a sixth sense in the face of adversity.

A new week begins and it is an excellent option to fill you with good thoughts to visualize your future, this time we bring you your predictions that will cover the days of September 14 to 20, 2020.

It does not matter what zodiac sign you are or under what element of nature you laugh, the stars have spoken and have some observations for you that you have to work on in the following days. Pay close attention.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are you ready to know what destiny has in store for you? We invite you to continue reading our weekly horoscopes.



Love smiles at you, but do not trust yourself so much, you are very determined when you want, but you must pay more attention to your emotions and analyze them. Your family will be very supportive, so choose communication over fights.


During this week many doubts will jump in your mind, you do not know if that special person is destined for you or is just a hobby, you will find out over time. Be more patient and collect all your ideas before making a decision.


This week is for you, to give you a break, to get to know yourself better, don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself. During these days you will experience many emotions that will help you grow emotionally.


There is nothing you cannot do, your spirit is very strong and will be full of energy this week, you will experience some different processes, maybe one of your close friends will be distant or upset.


Leo, you always want to be strong, dominant and confident, but remember that many times it is better to show a little empathy and your feelings. Your crush will be closer than ever.


You are very loving, talented and sensitive, those weapons have taken you to where you are now, use your skills to your advantage. During this week your feelings will be more linked to your heart.


You are a dreamy person, you will need that skill a lot during this week, you will face some ‘no’, but learn to take the best of each experience and put all your effort to improve yourself.


There are times when you prefer to be away from everyone around you, since you feel calm, this week is suitable to open your person and meet interesting people. Your work or school is calm.


Sagittarius, this week is one of your best, you will have a very good mood and share your joy with your loved ones. Your friends will be close to you. Do not close your heart that life has surprises for you.


During this third week of September you will have to overcome some professional or speculative challenges, if you pay close attention you will emerge victorious from all the obstacles that will be in front of you.


Your sixth sense will be on the surface, this week you will have to interact with some people who have done you a lot of harm, show them that they have strengthened you, show yourself educated and capable.


Your element is water, so there will be some very agitated thoughts, the waves of your emotions will invade you, if you know how to receive the news with intelligence you will be able to take advantage of adversity.

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