Weekly horoscope, from October 5 to 11, 2020


Know your weekly horoscope, from October 5 to 11, 2020, discover the magic and luck that the stars have for your zodiac sign.

A new week has arrived and October is the month where terror and Halloween parties are the protagonists. The year is about to end and although the situation still does not improve completely, it is necessary to listen to your intuition and follow the advice of your horoscope. Your zodiac sign can describe situations that you may face in the future, trust yourself and use your sixth sense.

October will be full of positive and negative energies that could affect you and favor you at the same time, ignore the gossip, be more self-confident and enjoy your crush, autumn is here and you should stay as warm as possible, also take care of your emotional and mental balance.



This week you will feel a little insecure, also, your emotions will be on the surface, do not get carried away by impulses and do not take it out on the wrong person. In love, things with your crush are going well, but you should leave the jealousy and insecurity a bit.


Your mood will not be the best, you will feel worried about something and you will have to pay attention to your actions, either from past days or during the following week. In love, you should stop thinking about your past relationships and bring up things that are irrelevant. Your emotions will suffer an imbalance.



In love, things are going very well for you, but you must make up your mind and not hurt the people you like only at the moment and when they propose something serious to you, break their illusion. Your emotions will make you down for the next week, also, you should not let anyone make you feel less.


You must learn to have time to spend with your crush, your relationship is also a priority. In the week, you will feel with a bad feeling, you will also be nervous about something, you must pay attention to your surroundings and not make hasty decisions. Avoid conflict by drawing conclusions without reason.


This week you should dedicate it to your solitude, you need time alone, because things with your crush may come to an end, but you must learn to let go of people who do not make you happy. Do not let yourself be manipulated by gossip and other people.

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The week will be full of events that will make you lose confidence in yourself, in addition to lowering your mood. In love, you must learn to stop being capricious and do your part as well. Your humor will not be the best, so avoid arguing with people.


The stars are on your side and it will be a week full of emotional and mental balance, you must take advantage of this good streak. Do not look to the past, it is time to stop suffering for things that have already happened. In love, don’t let anyone make you mad, learn to value yourself.


You will feel bad for some reason, but you must learn to ignore bad vibes and not surround yourself with negative energy. In love, learn to trust your partner more, do not be afraid that he will change you for someone else, if there is something that bothers you or worries you, talk to him / her.



The stars will give you a lot of peace of mind, but for this you must speak the truth and no longer avoid the situation that you have not been able to face. Don’t confuse being honest with direct and hurtful, sometimes people get hurt by your words. It will be a good week to catch up with your friends.


This week you should think very well about what you want to do, because it could change your life forever. You will also enjoy days with an excellent streak in love, life and your feelings, take advantage of this time of positive energy and look for what makes you happy.


Things in love will go well for you, your crush may be creating illusions, but be brave and ask the most important question to clear your doubts. You must learn to be silent and take care of your words, not only because you hurt others, but because you speak without knowing and create misunderstandings.


You will feel more inspired this week, maybe it is time that you dared to do what has caught your attention. In love, things do not go well for you, even if you are single, you may confuse being nice with illusory several people at the same time, you must be sincere with your feelings.


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