Weekly horoscope from October 26 to November 1


Weekly horoscope, from October 26 to November 1, the month says goodbye to welcome winter, the stars have the best predictions for you.

We are about to enter the final stretch of the year, a stormy 2020 that has caused various changes in people’s lives and routine due to the pandemic, with a new normal we have had to adapt to new forms of coexistence, but our mental and emotional strength has helped us to get ahead.

Discover the destiny that the stars wrote this week for you, your zodiac sign can have the planets on its side and surround you with positive energies, or on the contrary, you could have a bad streak that you can only overcome by following your sixth sense. October is about to say goodbye, end the month in the best way and discover what your weekly horoscope has prepared for you, follow the advice and warnings of the stars.


The following days you will feel a slight concern towards something or someone, try to think positive and not be pessimistic. In love, you may meet a new boy who will become your new crush, although ideally, you should start giving yourself more time and improve your mental and emotional state.


It will be a week with a roller coaster of emotions, but this is when you should listen to your instincts the most. Try to think before acting and find the best solution to your problems. In love, perhaps you confirm your suspicions about your crush and it will be best to say goodbye or ask to be honest with you. You will be more productive and creative than before, take advantage of it and do not get carried away by laziness.


The next few days loneliness will surround you, but perhaps you need this time for yourself, although you should not expect people to approach you, you should also show interest. Be careful with envy, sometimes it is better to keep those ideas to yourself. In love, think twice before acting, you may be acting on impulse or because you are over-excited.


Your emotions will be on the surface, so you have to watch your reactions or you could take it out on others and explode. In love, you are afraid of what you are feeling for that boy and you will want to take control of your heart again, but sometimes it is better to let yourself go. You will also be a bit distracted and you will not give importance to other people’s affairs.


This week you will be a bit antisocial, sometimes you like to keep your privacy and not explain yourself to people, although that could cause problems with your crush, because sometimes you keep your feelings to yourself and it is best that you be honest with that boy. You may have some arguments, but you will have to use all your patience not to fall into provocations.

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The following days will be very good for you, the stars will align in your favor, so you will have a streak of good luck. Sometimes you must lose the fear of staying silent and let others trample you or say for you, be more sure of yourself. In love, things with your crush could go wrong, but try to talk about it before things are over.


The week will not be very good for you, your emotions will not be the best and you will have a slump, in addition, you will feel very insecure, because your sixth sense will alert you that something will happen, you can even experience déjávus, it is best to remain calm. In love, things with your crush must be taken with soul, sometimes you must be understanding with him.


Your emotions will be a time bomb, the best thing you can do is keep your bed and not fall into provocations, think before you speak and not be impulsive or you will take it out on innocent people. In love, you will start to question things with your crush, maybe you need to find out what you really feel.


Stop being capricious, that people love you, does not mean that you have to put up with your bad mood and give in to everything with you. In love, things with your crush will finally have a breakthrough and each time it has something more serious. Your mood will be balanced, you will also have some moments where your instinct will be your best ally.


It will be a good week for you, although you should be careful with gossip and not over-trust people, because you usually share important things that not everyone will value and could use it against you. In love, things with your crush go wrong, you must value yourself and more and prioritize yourself before that boy. Reassure your curiosity, many times it is not good to want to know something.


It is better to watch out for misunderstandings or you could cause problems or suffer for things that are not happening. In love, it is time for you to do your part, not everything is receiving, you must also do something to show interest to that boy. In the week, your emotions will be a roller coaster, one day you can be down and the other explode before anyier anger.


Things with your crush are going better than ever, although perhaps it is time for you to define if you are formally dating or continue to test the relationship. Your emotions will be against you, you will be very sensitive and you will act defensive, you must relax and not take things the wrong way. You should also stop listening to what people say about you.


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