Weekly horoscope from November 9 to 15, 2020


Discover the luck of your weekly horoscope, from November 9 to 15. Receive a new time of year with the best attitude.

Winter is slowly approaching and the weather may wreak havoc on your mood, but your zodiac sign has the best predictions for your week. Remember to surround yourself with positive energy and trust your instinct, because it is never wrong. The year is about to end and although the world situation has not improved yet, it is better to maintain our hope and vitality.

Luck may be on your side or the opposite, you will have to use your willpower to keep yourself emotionally and mentally calm, because the roller coaster of emotions that can shake you could make you act impulsively. In love … there are many scenarios that can arise, but always be sincere and do not receive less than love.

Discover the predictions of each zodiac sign and see what the stars and the future hold for you.



This week will not be good for you, you may suffer from a love breakdown, things with your crush did not go well, the dependency you developed was not healthy for you. The stars will provide you with positive energy, making it easier to get through bad days. You must work more on your self-esteem or any comment could make you very sensitive, your bad mood could explode.


Your sixth sense will be more alert than ever, listen to it and do not doubt yourself. Your days will be a roller coaster of emotions and you could let yourself go, breathe before being impulsive. You should stop expecting things from that boy, sometimes creating expectations only hurts you. You will feel tired, so it is best to give yourself some time alone to relax.


You will feel a little lost about yourself and you will question many things, but it will only be a small crisis of existence. Things with your crush will be better than ever, you will open up about your feelings. Avoid negative energies if you do not want to ruin your week, it is best that you do not get carried away by gossip or criticism from others.


The stars will be on your side, you will have a great week and a streak of good luck. You could receive great news these days, yes, avoid the bitterness of others from infecting you, it will be your time to shine. In love, things may get complicated with your crush, but it is up to you to make an effort to make things work, although he must do his part as well.


Your conscience will be a bit restless, so think twice before doing something you may regret. This week your homely side will come out, so you will enjoy family time and the warm atmosphere of your home. The stars will provide you with a lot of energy, so you will be very active. In love, your perseverance paid off and that boy will fall before you.

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Your confidence will shine in its maximum splendor, it will be a good blow to your self-esteem, although you may go through a bad time in the week. In love, things are not going well, there must be more communication and understanding between you. Change your routine or your mood will quickly decline and you will take it out on others.


You will really want to express what you have saved for a while, just watch your words. The week will shine for you, because your mood will be the best, so don’t let anything spoil it. In love, things with your crush will get tense, try to talk with him if there was a misunderstanding or if there are things you do not like him to do. If you are overwhelmed, it is best to take time for yourself.


This week you will be very positive, but be careful or you could take bad news. Things with your crush seem to improve little by little, do not distance yourself from him again, but if you no longer feel the same, it is best to say next. Your sixth sense will be your best ally to survive these days, do not ignore those hunches.


Things may not turn out the way you expected, but you must be patient before exploding. Things with your crush are going well, but maybe you should open up about your feelings, or they will never be able to formalize their relationship. You must take care of your mouth, sometimes you speak without thinking and you could hurt others with your words.


Things with your crush go very fast, maybe that boy will ask you for a little time, you must learn not to push things. You will have a bad feeling, but you should not alert yourself, sometimes thinking bad things only fills you with negativity. You may be very sensitive during the week, but try not to take it out on others or take everything very seriously.


The stars will give you the opportunity to maintain a balance between your emotions and your peace of mind, they will also give you luck in love, so things with your crush could evolve into something more serious. You will be a bit sensitive, so you will need a lot of affection, yes, do not abuse your emotional state to blackmail others.


Debes ser más cuidadosa con tu crush, si no quieres que las cosas se enfríen y todo termine antes de comenzar. Tu semana estará muy ocupada, trata de encontrar un equilibrio entre tu tiempo libre y tus responsabilidades. Tus emociones serán un vaso de cristal, podrías romperte en cualquier momento, pero la mala racha pasará. Estarás muy emocional y tu sexto sentido más alerta que nunca.


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