Weekly horoscope from November 16 to 22


Know your weekly predictions from November 16 to 22, your planets say a lot about your luck, your future, love and your energy.

November is one of the months that has a powerful meaning because it represents the spiritual connection, the pure, the sacred, the energy and many people relate it to the angels.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs have characteristics that make them unique and the behavior of their stars leads them to act differently in the face of love, difficult times and the current situation.

A new week is about to begin and you cannot start your day without knowing the predictions for November 16-22. Check your weekly horoscope, in them you will find all the aspects in which you should work, your recommendations and if the stars are on your side.



You are very closed, learn to give more love so that the same amount of affection reaches you, many times you do not let others speak, that week someone will delay you that it is better to be patient and to think before than to act.


This is your Taurus week, you are agile in mind, your sixth sense will be more active than ever, take advantage of it to finish the activities you have pending, love will smile at you, your crush will be encouraged to talk to you or take an important step in your relationship .


If you were thinking about making a change in your look or in the way you dress, this is the perfect week for you to renew yourself, it is always a good idea to look for the best version of yourself. In love, you are a demanding person, maybe you should analyze what you need in your life.


Many times you feel pain when you cannot change a situation that is not in your hands, it is natural, because you have a highly developed maternal sense, but calm down, this type of behavior will only decrease your energy.

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Your potential this week will shine, they are good days to try to consolidate what you have always wanted to do, try to improve your attitude with your friends, you ignore them for work or school reasons.


This week you will have to take a lot of strong little busts, learn to look to the future, you are very stuck in the past, so it is likely that you yourself are attracting bad energy. Think positive and act so that everything flows better.


Although you are a balanced person, this week there will be challenges where your emotions will be tested, there are issues that will make you desperate or you will be afraid, relax and do not put too much pressure on your mind.


Insecurity is going to present itself in you, during this week, your days will be very hectic, leading you to experience stress and anxiety, perhaps it is because the end of the year is approaching and you have many worries.


Love is getting closer and closer to you, you are going to meet someone who will teach you to live with passion and dedication, acknowledge your feelings, don’t be shy about showing your affection, remember that if you are intense it shows, if not, it shows much more.


Your energy can be seen for miles, if you are, you radiate it and your happiness will brighten the days of others, you will have a sensational week, your stars are accommodated so that you want what you want.


This week give yourself a relax, you are a person who joins logic a lot, but acting with the heart is sometimes also understandable, give yourself the opportunity to show your human side more, so empathy will grow.


Your personality is very connected with the spiritual, this is your month, not only because of the meaning it has, but also because your intuition is going to be powerful, your luck is at its best, use it for good.


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