Weekly horoscope from December 21 to 27


Each of your actions are governed by the energy level of releasing the cosmos, find out what kind of connection you will have with the universe from December 21 to 27, 2020.

A new week is about to begin and the world is approaching the end of 2020, the end of a cycle, many weighings are coming for 12 zodiac signs, what power will lead your emotions for the next few days?

The dynamics of a new year will help inspire you to improve your attitude, perception and gather the necessary elements for you to develop 100 percent in a new stage full of challenges.

Prepare yourself emotionally and physically for the situations that will present themselves in the week, as they can represent unrepeatable opportunities or new ways to begin to flow with what surrounds you.

Ready for changes? Do not cling to the past and create pleasant memories, for this you must attract all the good things you want, your mentality is stronger than you think. These are your predictions!



Your energy will be positive, you are a courageous person and changes will suit you if you want to renew yourself from the inside out, the planets will help you find your new path to explore and travel. Your friends will want to have you closer and will look for you to listen to them, they know of your analytical capacity and your sincere personality.


Your mind will constantly remember someone or something that happened to you in the past, thousands of ideas will pass through you, you will try to repress your feelings a bit, but it is best to work on them so that they do not represent another burden on your trip. In love they will see a surprising advance with your crush, they will be encouraged to tell each other more detailed things about their day and their dreams, that will increase the connection between you.


During the week you will test your gift of communication with your family and friends. Even though you love activities and focusing on different projects, now just look at one, work on it and don’t give up until you reach it. In love you will go slow, but your heart needs an adequate period to relax and heal.


Your security is a very strong characteristic of your character, but this week you will feel a little unstable and indecisive with your decisions, it will be difficult for you to evaluate what your real goal is, what you need is to clear yourself and trust more in the talents of others.


You are smart, confident and you make assertive decisions, this week will be full of light. The dates will make you remember old times, you will live the following days to the fullest, try to be a little more loving and do not be afraid to show your true feelings with your loved ones.

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Moments of great spark await you, your stars will circulate with great harmony, so it is an ideal season to find love in a person that perhaps you were not contemplating as your crush, you will feel a huge attraction for someone you have had in mind in the last days.


The story of your life is of total balance, there is an element that differentiates you from the rest, you are one of the most persevering signs of the zodiac, if you propose to do it, it does not matter if others do not believe in you, this week you go Recount what you have accomplished this year, your days will surprise you with good news.


During this week you could feel stressed or a little desperate when you see that your life is at a relaxed point and without much action, look to the future and focus all your energy on new projects. If things don’t get to you, go for them. In love you will live a situation that will drive you to fall more in love with that special person.


You will be more connected with your internal universe, pay attention to all the small details that are close to you, use the week to understand more where you will go or what your real dream is, do not pressure yourself if things do not go as you wanted, little by little the situations will be resolved smoothly.


Your planets and stars will be more receptive, which will have a very good influence on you, after a bit of uncertainty your soul will find rest in an activity that you had stopped doing due to lack of time or indecision. Try a new routine to get the energy flowing better.


This week will be a test for you, you must finish something that you started some time ago, everything will be fine, as long as you trust all your abilities to fix the problems. Make decisions with reason, your analytical side will be your best friend and let your heart rest.


During the coming week, you will have a strong command of all your emotions, your sixth sense will be alert and you will have a special sensitivity to know exactly the intentions of the people around you and this will be a decisive step to receive 2021. In love will una pause, use that time to get to know yourself better.


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