Weekly horoscope from August 31 to September 6


Your stars could be aligned, dare to know all the predictions of your weekly horoscope from August 31 to September 6, 2020.

What excitement! This week begins the month of September and it is a new opportunity that you have to shine, finish projects that you started, start new paths and leave behind what hurt you in August.

This time we bring you your weekly predictions, look for your sign, these days are of great hope for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Many times change can be difficult or painful, but it is the cycle of life, and you must learn to let go to grow, take all that does not serve you, recover your energy and be inspired by what the stars say about you and you future.



This week is a great opportunity to work on your communication with the people who want to res, you will have enough time to do it and focus on yourself, it is good that you give your space to others, but it is better that you give yourself a period of rest for you.


During these days it will be a good idea for you to open up more to love, perhaps you are a little stressed by the current situation, but a change in your dynamics will help you see life differently and will encourage you to follow each of your dreams.


This week you will be very receptive, all your feelings will be more alert and your senses will find their place, this is good because you will reflect it, you will feel calmer, get to know yourself, learn more about yourself and your personality.


During that week you will have to make many decisions that will confuse you, the only thing you have to pay attention to is your intuition. In love you will have some bumps, but with communication you can fix all the problems you have with your partner.


Many times your mind is your own enemy, trust more in yourself and in those around you, especially in the people who seek to help you, you are always on the defensive, try to lower your guard so that good things come to you.


This week your charms will be more visible than ever, something in you will shine and you will allow others to let others see what you have to offer, in your destination is to meet someone very special, the most important thing, who will meet your expectations, but be careful with being too demanding.


You will have a bit of trouble with your partner due to some negative comments, but there is nothing that cannot be solved, if their love is real, there will be nothing to separate them. Your family will be very loving to you, so ideally you should show them love.


You are a leader, so your friends, family and partner always take you in a difficult position, don’t take a side, listen to others and speak the truth to them. Your week will be quite busy, but you will feel the rewards of your actions.


The changes are good, September begins and you could renew yourself, not only internally you will feel that something is different, it is the ideal time to express it abroad. At home, things will be relaxed and that will help you focus on what really matters.


You are very excited for a person who has your heart, although you want things easy, go calmly and enjoy the journey, it is useless to rush things. Your week will be full of activities.


Your days have been exhausting, so much so that you need to regain energy and get rid of all the stress that you accumulate. Soon your partner will tell you something important or you will propose it, but it will be an incredible surprise.


This is your Pisces week, you will enjoy each day and you will find beautiful things throughout the hours, your days will be quite calm, you will be able to deepen issues in your mind that overwhelm you and you will give them a great solution.

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