Weekly horoscope from August 24 to 30


Weekly horoscope, discover your luck in the next days of August. The stars come together to predict your future, sometimes our emotions play tricks on us and we don’t know how to react and we feel vulnerable. We must learn to change our mindset or we will only attract negative energies. You may have a weekly slump, but it’s up to you to be patient and learn to lift yourself from the emotional blows you suffer.

The predictions of your zodiac sign are ready so that you can follow the advice of the stars and cope with the situations that arise, you must also listen to your intuition and put reason aside sometimes. Do not be blinded by any kind of feeling, do not let yourself be influenced and remember that patience is the key. Discover your horoscope from August 24 to 30 and say goodbye to the month in the best way.


It will be a stimulating and positive week for you, especially with your crush, things could turn out better than you expect. You must be patient and not act hastily. These days you could use them to reflect on some things, it will help you a little. When you start to get overwhelmed by school or work, remember that effort has great rewards.


They will be days of frustration for you, a black cloud will settle over you and put you in a bad mood, you will feel that people around you do not pay attention to you. By the weekend, everything will be resolved just be patient. Your emotions will also be on the surface, things with your crush seem not to go well, it seems that he is only looking for something superficial with you.


This week you may feel the courage to declare your feelings to that person. You must make sure of things with others before doing or saying something, sometimes people do not agree much with you. Things with your friends are a little strange, but with the return to school you will have a conversation with them again.


You will feel a bit lost these days, you even feel that something bad is happening to you, they are bad spells that you must learn to cope with. Things with your crush are not going well, they spend it arguing or in the honeymoon phase, it is not healthy for you. You will be full of energy these days, despite your low spirits.


You must learn to no longer get carried away by your emotions, it is not good for you and in the long run you only make the problem worse. In the week you could face bad times, be patient. Things with your crush can improve, you just have to do your part. You will be more distracted than usual, but you should not put aside your responsibilities this week.


Sometimes to become hurtful with people, you must learn not to be so rude or humiliate others by being conceited and haughty. This week you should test your manners, you will also be more open to expressing your true feelings. With your crush, things do not seem to be going well, you will break your head thinking about different scenarios and that will make you vulnerable.


You will be very bipolar the next few days, do not take it out on others. You must remain calm and do not explore at the slightest provocation or act impulsively. With your crush, things get complicated because you are not honest and it seems that you have no interest in that boy. Don’t be influenced by other people about the decisions you make this week, either.


It will be a week with a roller coaster of emotions with your crush, but everything will work out in the end. You will feel very creative for the next few days, perhaps it is good that you write down those ideas and begin to develop them to fulfill that dream that you have had for a long time. It would also be good to stay away from gossip and avoid people thinking bad of you.


You will be reluctant to show your feelings, so you will want to avoid someone or something this week. In the following days, the best thing is that you take some time for yourself, you need it and sometimes getting away from everyone is the best. It will also be a difficult time, because you must learn to take care of yourself in some things.


You will be too sensitive, you even think that no one cares about you for the next 7 days, but you must leave the drama behind. The week will be boring and tiring for you, you must be patient and find something to distract or encourage yourself so as not to annoy others with your bad mood. Things with your crush will be better if you let everything flow by itself.


Your mood will be lousy, you will take it out on others by being so irritated for no apparent reason. A situation may arise in which you will not measure your reactions and you could surprise yourself with your behavior, be careful. With your crush, things will be a little slow, your sensitivity will make that boy hesitate to tell you certain things.


You will feel powerful and free this week, but you must be careful with your enthusiasm. It also begins to question certain friendships, there are people who. You are just trying to change the way you are, sometimes it’s best to say goodbye to toxic friends. Things with your crush will confuse you a bit, as this quarantine time changed both of them a bit.


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