Weekly horoscope from August 17 to 23


These are your predictions for your weekly horoscope from August 17 to 23, 2020. You start another week and these days are very important to you, as they initiate other possibilities for you to grow as a person and experience other situations. Fill yourself with energy by discovering what the stars of your zodiac sign say.

The third week of August 2020 comes with everything, so consult the stars that accompany you and guide you. We invite you to discover your radiant destiny! Check your weekly horoscope.

It doesn’t matter if you are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, we are sure that you will find the necessary impulse to be able to focus on your emotions and heal your heart.


You should not get carried away by your emotions, Aries thinks better about your behavior with others, with the people around you, it will be a bit difficult to keep trusting these days, but everything will have its reward.


This week is very important for you, because you will be in contact with your deepest feelings, so take advantage of the time alone you have to get to know yourself better and establish a solid relationship with your friends and partner.


These days it will seem like the whole world turned against you, but it’s just that you will take everything personally, take a deep breath and control the feelings that make you feel bad. That special someone will come close to your heart.


During these days you will experience a very positive energy, so do everything you had planned, even if you have doubts, the stars will help you calm your concerns. Your heart is calm, but soon you will meet someone very interesting.


According to the planets that govern your sign, this week will be somewhat difficult, because you will live some dramatic moments with your loved ones, remember to always be yourself and let yourself be carried away by the comments of others.

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Your sixth sense will be your best company, do not talk about more or trust everything in people, because later you can get many surprises. In love your situation is complicated because you are very demanding, open yourself more to meet people.


Your week will be relaxed, you will have a mixture of good feelings, take advantage of them and balance your life, put on a scale that is more important to you and fight to achieve it. In love matters, your soulmate is close to you.


You will be very sensitive, you will want to feel loved and you will need the people you love to take you more seriously, remember to show yourself affectionate to be able to receive all the love from your closest ones.


Your days will be very busy, either with work or school issues, but due to this situation you will neglect your partner. Give yourself your space and do whatever it takes to be able to unite again with your energy and essence as a person.


Your ideas and opinions are highly valued by people who know your potential, these days you will have the opportunity to help someone who needs your knowledge. You will be presented with various tests where you will have to show your kindness.


These days you will have the gift of connecting with a love from the past, do not miss that opportunity, at work and at school you will enter new projects, use all your skills to impress your classmates.


During the days of this week all your thoughts will be internal, you will want to keep everything private to yourself, do not push people away for fear that they will hurt you, learn from them and tell them what you feel.


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