Weekly horoscope from August 10 to 16


Discover your weekly horoscope from August 10 to 16. Autumn is approaching and there are only 4 months until the end of the year, the world situation has not improved yet, but the planets align to help you and give you the best predictions for your zodiac sign.

Survive the middle of the month following the advice of the stars and the predictions of your horoscope, the roller coaster of emotions will be your worst enemy, but your intuition can help you get ahead in the coming days.


These days you will start to reflect on your life and what you want emotionally, you will doubt some things. Things with your crush are not going well, you have not been able to have time for that person. In your house things will be tense and you will feel between a rock and a hard place. Learn to keep your feet on the ground and not get too carried away by things.


Your life is in a moment of stability that you needed, so these days you will be very organized and you will analyze many things so as not to lose that mental and emotional peace. Things with your crush get more and more intense, you are very obvious with your feelings. It will be a good week for you to tidy up your room or house a bit and feel free of stress.


In the field of love, the lack of communication could affect your relationship, sometimes you need someone to listen to you. For the next few days you have to be careful or anything could cause you to explode and completely vent with things that you have kept for a long time.


The month of August is a great month for you, you will finally realize what it is you really want and you will start doing something to make it happen. In love, you will start to get excited about someone after being single for so long. Your emotional stability will help you a lot this week and little by little you begin to maintain control in certain situations.


You will have to be very patient to survive the next few days. Your past could come back and make you feel bad, it’s time to get over things. Your emotions will be a roller coaster, because they will be at the top, be careful. In love, you must put aside your shyness and dare to confess with the boy you like


Your power of intuition will help you a lot these days, be very attentive. These days you will imagine things that you want, but that are difficult to achieve, sometimes you have to be realistic. You don’t like people to beat around the bush, being direct is best for you, avoid third-party gossip. In love, stop being so cold.

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Your mood will not be the best, a wave of emotions will make you suffer this week. In love, things with your crush will be limited to sharing certain ideas about their relationship, you may be pressuring them in some way. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean, although you should control your character and not explode.


You will doubt everything during the next week, perhaps there is something that worries you and you do not dare to face. You will have to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of what you want and make the best decision for you. In love, you may feel like your relationship is fading and you will look for ways to rekindle the emotion.


You will be in such a bipolar mode that you will not understand yourself, patience. You want to let people take advantage of your kindness and show them how sensitive you are to what they say about you. There are things you want that do not coincide with your relationship with your partner, learn to have a balance and not change for that person.


The planets will favor you this week and help your personal relationships to be successful. You must learn to listen to people and clarify to others that you are not so indifferent to things. You may feel a little lonely in the week, but sometimes it’s nice to have time for yourself.


Your emotions will make you drown in a glass of water and exaggerate things, you must learn not to take everything so seriously. It is better that in the next few days you focus on your tasks, that way you will not torment yourself thinking about things that have not even happened yet. You may receive an unexpected news.


Sometimes it is good that you let yourself go and not think about things so much. You already know what you want, but you still don’t dare to make the decision of your life, you are ready, you just have to trust yourself. In love, things are not going well with your crush, although you could start to meet more people and not lock yourself in a single guy.


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