Weekend with doubling experience in CoD: Warzone and Vanguard


The “Max Double XP” event is now available in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard, allowing players to level up much faster over the next few days.

The Experience Doubling Call of Duty event runs until March 28, and players can receive double bets for normal player progress, weapon experience, operator experience, and combat pass experience in both games. During this time, Vanguard players can also earn twice as much clan experience, which is an exclusive feature of the game.

This XP event takes place shortly after the launch of the Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded updates, which makes it a great time to level up the new Armaguerra 43 submachine gun. Armaguerra 43 can be unlocked for free by completing an in-game test, or purchased with a set of cosmetics. This weekend, Warzone players can also gain serious experience by participating in the ongoing Rebirth Reinforced event.

If double XP and a time-limited event don’t cause enough excitement, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg will arrive at Vanguard and Warzone on April 19 as a game operator. It will be available even earlier in Call of Duty Mobile, just a day after the launch of the game Season 3: Radical Raid.