“Wedding at first sight”: Is Stefan still happy with Ramona?


Does their love at first sight continue even years after the wedding? In 2016, Stefan and Ramona met and fell in love with each other in the third season of the dome show. Two years after the televised wedding, Ramona took her lover’s last name. It’s been six years since they got married in front of the cameras. Are Stefan and Ramona still happy with each other?

Yes! The couple told about this in an interview with Sat.1. Stefan also talked about what makes his relationship with Ramona so special. “The most beautiful thing in our relationship is the depth to which we both aspired. We have such a deep, intimate connection, the existence of which none of us really suspected,” he said enthusiastically. And Ramona is still happy that she met her husband on a TV show. “I think it worked for us because we both felt a close bond from the beginning and we just kept believing in it and didn’t let the insecurities distract us,” she said.

However, the couple had to face some problems after participating in “Marriage at First Sight”. One of them moved in together. “The two worlds that were supposed to come to an agreement with each other really collided in a very short time. At first it was a bit difficult, but now, six years later, we have coped quite well,” recalls Stefan.

“Marriage at first sight” – eight episodes from October 3, 2022 every Monday at 20:15 on SAT.1 and on Joyn.


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