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November, the consumer month par excellence. Due to its proximity to Christmas, but also because it is far from the Christmas season when the stock of the most popular is exhausted and the prices of anything inflated, the penultimate month of the year becomes par excellence the ‘in-extremis’ time. ‘to buy Christmas gifts and Kings without breaking our heads too much. This has led to the worldwide embrace of the USA concept of Black Friday, but also other parties such as Singles Day or other pre-Black Friday offers.

11 – 11 Single’s Day 2020

Born out of a college event in 1993, Singles Day began as a party between friends invented for young single men that embraced both genders over the years and became nothing short of a Chinese social holiday. And of course, between the annual tradition, the popular support in many cities and universities of the Chinese orography and the rise of the Internet, local companies soon managed to get economic profitability, especially on the subject of online sales.

And, to get an idea of ​​its magnitude and importance in the Chinese market, Single’s Day moves much more money in purchases than Black Friday, which is saying. In fact, websites like AliExpress can boast of doubling in revenue than others like Amazon obtain during the peak of Black Friday. And if what Amazon gets in BF are figures that are dizzy, imagine those that move in China.

In Spain, Singles Day still does not have the same impact, and less in this 2020, but if we talk about online sales, it is something else. Here we are going to put you well-known websites, and also discover other less-known Chinese that are attached to the 11 of 11. This year there is the exception of Amazon, which just left almost its late Prime Day, has started directly for a week and a half with your pre-Black Friday.

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The Chinese website that brings together thousands of small and large merchants from all over the country, Aliexpress is basically the Chinese Amazon, and its discounts can be much more beasts than those of Amazon during Black Friday, a declaration of intent. On Aliexpress you can find everything, whether you are looking for clothes, a Game of Thrones wallet, a toy, any type of electronic device, a mobile, etc.

As we can see, during the big day of Singles’ Day AliExpress has discounts of up to 70 and 80% on various products, not only electronics, and with the option of delivery of “in 3 – 7 days” instead of in several weeks, which is usually the usual.

In our vertical Showroom partner we have a special dedicated to offers in which we see significant discounts on mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy A21S, the iPhone 12 or the Nintendo Switch console.


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