Websites And Apps To Find Cheap Gasoline Near My Location And Fill The Tank


Gasoline: After a 2021 breaking records, the end of the year brought us several drops and the hope that the price of gasoline was going to normalize. But no, it was something temporary, since the price of gasoline and diesel conquered new historical records for both fuels last month, driven by the rise in the price of oil, which is listed unstoppably in its rise towards the level of 100 dollars per barrel.

The price of gasoline continues to skyrocket

Specifically, both fuels chained their seventh consecutive increase in February and have accumulated a rise of up to 8.5% so far this year. The average price of a liter of gasoline stood at 1,575 euros, thus adding its third historical record in a row, after becoming more expensive by 1.09% compared to last week, according to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press.

For its part, the average price of a liter of diesel stood at 1,462 euros, thus establishing a new all-time high after equaling the 1,444 euros that it set in September 2012 as a record.

Where to find cheap gasoline near my location?

But when we already believed that it was impossible for the oil companies to squeeze more of us, guess what? New rise, new all-time high and crazy, because this week gasoline is paid at a historic almost 2 euros per liter. In this way, the price of fuels, after the truce given at the end of 2021, when it chained up to five weeks of falls, continues with the climb that began with the start of 2022.

These are the prices as of Monday, March 7:

Gasoline 95: €1,719
Gasoline 98: €1,875
Diesel A: €1,623
Diesel A+: €1,722
Diesel B: €1,154
Liquefied petroleum gas: €0.891

And since prices will remain high, it’s time to use imagination and science. Science like the one behind various mobile apps that serve something great for the long-suffering driver: find cheap gas stations with the lowest prices. In itself, its science is that they are applications that compare fuel prices in seconds at different gas stations on a map, and that can lead to savings of up to 10 cents per liter, 10 euros per tank, which makes a difference when filling the deposit without a doubt.