Website Screaming When You Touch Your Face (Contains Corona Virus)


One of the ways to prevent corona virus is to keep hands, away from the face. However, since touching the face is a habit, it is not easy to touch it at all. A website called don’t touch your face is trying to save you from this habit.

Nowadays, the common subject of the whole world is the Corona virus. The virus, which appeared in Wuhan, China and started to appear in many countries at an unexpected rate, cost the lives of 3,383 people. While the authorities of the virus-related authorities that are alerting the countries continue, people are looking for ways to protect against this virus.

Scientists have made dozens of warnings about the Corona virus. One of these warnings was, “Don’t touch your face.” This is because the Corona virus can be transmitted through your face. But many people often touch their face, and getting rid of this habit is not easy at all. Now we will talk about a website that will help you get rid of the habit of touching your face.

The website in question is called “Donottouchyourface” (touch the face) and this site is a project of 3 developers. The website, which has a simple logic, yells at you. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, the site is yelling at you as you take your hand to your face. You too do not touch your face to avoid hearing this scratchy sound.

This website was created with the support of artificial intelligence. When you login to the site and activate your webcam, you are asked to touch all parts of your face first. While you are doing these operations, artificial intelligence also learns your movements. After the learning process is completed, you continue your daily work. The website, which you leave open in the background, screams as you touch your face.

The only thing the website does not touch is not shout. If you are in an environment where you cannot use the sound of your computer, this website sends notifications at the same time. In other words, in cases where there is no voice communication, you also receive visual warnings and in this case you realize that you touch your face in any case. If you, especially if you work at a desk or have a sense of touching your face in any way, you can try to get rid of this mood by using the link here.


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