Website says Nintendo Switch is stronger in 2021


The Nintendo Switch could win a more powerful model in early 2021, according to rumors reported on Tuesday (25) by the websites Bloomberg, from the United States, and Economic Daily News, from Taiwan.

According to sources linked to the company who preferred to remain anonymous, Nintendo would have explained plans to launch a Switch with greater processing capacity and support for high 4K resolution. The sources also mentioned that the manufacturer plans to announce several major games in 2021 and that this would be the reason for not having so many releases this year.

Currently, the Switch has sold more than 60 million units. However, according to speculation, Nintendo would be concerned about the entry of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X in late 2020.

Launched in 2017, Nintendo’s hybrid console has received a few different versions over the years. In September 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite, a model with only laptop functions, without the ability to connect to the TV, and at a lower price, hit the market. At this same time, the standard video game itself also received an improved edition, which accompanied a battery with promise for more playing time.

Recently, on August 19, Nintendo announced its return to Brazil with the announcement of the official launch of Nintendo Switch in the country. There is still no information on the price of video games in the national market, but it is already possible to see advertisements for games in Portuguese on cable television channels.

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