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Happy Book Day 2020 … again. On April 23rd it was Sant Jordi, a festivity in which Book Day is celebrated. But 4 months ago we were in the first month of the historic confinement that we have lived through the Coronavirus crisis -and hopefully we do not have to repeat it-, and this forced the cancellation of Book Day, which was postponed to today, July 23 .

Do you read on the mobile, do you read on the tablet or do you have a Kindle or other eBook? Then you will love this, because on the Internet there are many websites that offer free book catalogs. And here you have collected a few with readings in Spanish and English, in which we assure you that there is so much material to read 2 or 3 lives.

Of course we started with the one who popularized digital reading, since for those who do not know, this is how the Internet sales giant started, selling digital books in 1995. If you have a kindle you can access the Kindle store and download a large number of free complete books, and also ‘demos’ of the most current works that include the initial chapters so that you can decide after reading whether or not you want to continue.

Although you can also use the app to view them in other formats and enjoy its quarry of more than 1 million books.

Hispanic Digital Library
A treasure trove of digital incunabula is hidden behind this URL managed by the National Library of Spain of the Ministry of Culture. You have historical documents, visual collections of painting, photography, historical Atlases, engravings, classic works, contemporary authors, cantors, nautical charts, manuscripts … a gigantic etcetera as we see on its cover, and with a final link to another website that we will see below .

House of the book
One of the reference pages for buying physical and digital books in Spain, the Casa del Libro also has, like Amazon, its section on free manuscripts that we can read at no cost.

Project Gutenberg
Project born in the 70s, Michael S. Hart proved to be a pioneer in the scanning of works to create an electronic library that conserves the knowledge of the world (yes, like Wikipedia but dedicated to books, manuscripts and works). To give you an idea, this website has more than 60,000 books that can be downloaded for free, and which add up to the largest digital cultural archive that exists in the world, with works from all countries, in all languages. Like the Hispanic Digital Library but on a global scale.

24 Symbols
Joining new models to revive old businesses is always a good idea, and the 24 Symbols website has done so, offering a huge catalog of 500,000 literary works under a Freemium model. The platform has a large number of books to read for free, and if you go Premium with a fixed monthly fee of less than 10 euros, access to half a million manuscripts.

Current technology has led to the rise of a format that is also old, but which is ideal for some since they either do not like to read physical books or do not have time: Manybooks is a site with a large number of manuscripts, free and paid, but also with many audiobooks, a format increasingly established in Spain and fully established in the world.


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