Web stars Peyton Ramallah and Laser Luka have parted ways!


It’s finally over between Luka Sharpenberg (26) and Payton Ramolla (22)! For several months, there were rumors that the YouTuber and the influential man had broken up. But in August, the lovers refuted the speculation and made it clear: they even want to live together! But, apparently, nothing came of it: Luka announced the breakup with the girl online.

The 26-year-old footballer posted a statement in his Instagram story. “Hi guys, as you may have noticed, Payton and I haven’t talked much in the last few weeks. This is because we are no longer together,” Luka, aka Lazerluka, noted in his story. He also asked his fans to respect the decision and not speculate about the reasons for love. However, the beauty did not tell when they broke up.

The former dream couple has repeatedly caused a storm of rumors over the past few months: Payton and Luca even followed each other at the end of July. However, some followers were sure that it didn’t mean anything. “These two often took out all the photos and unsubscribed from each other to attract attention,” a fan wrote on Instagram at the time.


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