Web Site Offering Office Environment for Those Who Cannot Get Used to Working from Home


Following the coronavirus epidemic, the design company Kids Creative Agency launched a website that offers an office environment for those who are not used to working from home. imisstheoffice contains all the sounds that can be heard in an office.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many began to work from home as a precaution. It may be difficult for some people who are accustomed to working in the office to adapt to the silence in their homes. Now a website has been designed to prevent this problem.

Made by a company called Kids Creative Agency, imisstheoffice.eu is designed to help people return to the work environment they miss. When you enter the site and press the play button in the lower left corner, the sounds that are commonly heard in the offices start playing. Even though there is no visual office environment, you can close your eyes and feel yourself in your office for a moment.

This site offers all the details in an office environment
The website features incomprehensible speech sounds, keyboard sounds, a working fan sound, ringing phones, and much more at the offices. Many details were also considered, such as those playing table tennis, annoyingly chewing gum and eating. You can also play the sounds you want privately by clicking the objects on the map presented to you on the site.

For example, when you click on the water dispenser, you can hear the sound of the water filling the glass. When you click on the copier, the sounds of the buttons and printing sound are heard. In addition, leather chairs give that strange sound that comes out when sitting on it. Besides all these, you can determine the number of working people in the office.

If you love your workplace and have a fun office environment with your colleagues, you can go back to that environment, albeit partially, with this website. Moreover, you will not have to go to work every day.


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