Web link innovation to Chrome Android app


Chrome’s Android app started offering a preview of a link before clicking a link on a web page. This feature is enabled in version 89 of the internet browser, with a server-side update. When you press and hold on a link and then click “Open preview of page”, you see that page without visiting it. This feature is currently only available for the Android app.

With this small, but very useful feature, you can quickly check the content of a new web page without leaving the current page completely. Perhaps this feature can be useful for looking at the first few paragraphs of an article whose title interests you.

This preview feature has been seen in other internet browsers for a while. On iOS, both Safari and Edge are previewed when you long click a link. Moreover, there is no need for an additional step like selecting “Preview page” from the menu.

Chrome’s Android app has been working on the link previews feature for a while. It was first seen by XDA Developers in December 2018. Now there is a feature offered by everyone, without having to manually activate it.


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