Web development course: good options on Udemy


Udemy is one of the largest online course platforms in the world. There you can learn various topics and many options have a really attractive price. There are courses for personal development, marketing, IT, photography and more.

And the segment we chose for this article is Web Development. The platform has some course options in the area, ranging from the basics, for those who want to start entering the market, to the most complete, for those who want to give a curriculum upgrade.

We have separated some options for online web development courses for you. Check out.

Complete Web Development Course – Create 6 projects

If you dream of starting a successful career as a web programmer or making money from developing websites or systems for the internet, this course is a good choice. In this training, you will learn to develop web systems complete with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, Object Orientation and MySQL.

And at the end of the course, after going through six real projects, you will be able to create and develop your own web projects.

Complete Web Developer Course + 10 projects

With great evaluation, the Complete Web Developer Course has already had more than 56 thousand students, being a very popular option. When taking this course, the student will learn topics such as HTML / CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, SEO, PHP, MySQL Database and many other subjects.


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