Web Browser Opera Launches Beta Version of “Crypto Browser Project”!


Popular web browser Opera has announced that it has launched a beta version of its Web3-focused “crypto browser”.

Opera Launches Beta Version of “Crypto Browser” Project

Norway-based company Opera, which develops the popular internet browser, has launched the beta version of its new “crypto browser project”. It was stated that this crypto browser aims to facilitate the experience of accessing DApps (decentralized applications), games and metaverse platforms by offering direct access to Web3 services for Windows, Mac and Android users.

This new crypto browser will retain its security features while integrating Telegram and Twitter support, as well as direct access to decentralized exchanges, NFTs and gaming DApps.

Statement from Company Official

Jorgen Arnesen stated that the main aim of the project is to help crypto and Web3 become more mainstream:

Opera’s crypto browser project promises a simpler, faster and more private Web3 experience for users. We are simplifying the Web3 user experience for mainstream users. Opera believes that for the decentralized web to reach its full potential, Web3 must be easy to use. An embedded unattended wallet will support Ethereum in beta and soon Polygon will be compatible with Solana thanks to recent partnerships.”

The wallet, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022, supports both the ERC-20 standard and the ERC-721 standard. Thus, users will be able to trade crypto assets as well as access a built-in NFT gallery. Opera is calling for “feedback” to the crypto ecosystem in terms of the development and contribution of the project.