Does wearing a mask really protect from Corona virus?


With WHO officially accepting the Corona virus as a Pandemic and the virus is seen in our country, the measures to be taken have increased considerably. The most popular of these measures is wearing a medical mask. But does wearing a medical mask really protect you from the Corona virus? Or is the mask unnecessary? Let’s take a look at what medical masks really do.

When you are in public places in epidemics like flu, you are more likely to see people walking around wearing a medical mask. Although the use of masks is not very common under normal conditions in our country, the usage started to become widespread when the first case of Corona virus (COVID-19) was seen. The Ministry of Health often speaks of measures to be taken both in the home environment and in general.

Of course, after seeing the virus in our country, these masks are subject to price increases. In such a situation, it is annoying to go to pharmacies to buy masks and buy them at an expensive price. But do medical masks really protect us from the Corona virus? We answer this question by explaining what medical masks do.

Questions we answer under the heading ‘Are medical masks protecting from Corona virus?’
What are medical masks for?
What is the difference between the medical mask and the “N95 breath filter”?
Does the N95 breath filter protect from Corona virus?
Should you really use a medical mask to prevent the corona virus?
What are medical masks for?

The main purpose of disposable medical masks is to prevent the fluid of a person carrying the virus from sneezing or coughing out. Wearing a mask of a sick person can protect those around him from the disease. In addition, these masks are used by doctors and surgeons to keep the environment sterile during medical operations. In other words, medical masks are not used to prevent viruses or bacteria from the environment, but to wear the wearer’s minimum harm to the environment.

But what is the use of N95 filter masks different from medical masks?
Medical masks, as we mentioned earlier, are used to prevent people from infecting others by air and water in situations such as sneezing or coughing. Masks can also prevent large particles from entering the mouth, but they cannot filter small particles. For this reason, medical masks are not effective in airborne viruses.

If you want such protection, you need a breath filter. Breathing filter masks fit with no gaps in the face and only have air inlet and outlet through the front filter. Usually the N95 model is the most popular breath filters, blocking 95% of small particles from the air. However, N95 masks also have quite expensive price tags, especially now.

Do medical masks protect from Corona virus?
No. You do not need to use a medical mask to protect against the Corona virus, as it will not be likely to protect you. Since this virus can hold onto metal surfaces, the mask will have no function in cases such as holding on somewhere during the day and removing the mask after eating home and eating.

Medical masks ensure that only people with the disease don’t infect others by sneezing or coughing. However, masks can prevent virus infections from hand to mouth as you cannot directly touch your mouth while wearing a mask.

What you need to do to protect yourself from the virus is to wash your hands at every opportunity, to cook meat dishes well, to avoid contact with people and not to contact street animals.

Does N95 breath filters protect from Corona virus?
The new type of Corona virus, officially named COVID-19; secretions scattered by actions such as coughing, sneezing, or transmitted in contact with a sick person. Therefore, in the same logic as the medical mask, when you combine this mask with other anti-virus methods, your risk of catching viruses will be greatly reduced. Experts also recommend using such masks only when going to places where the virus is over-spread, such as China.

N95 filter masks have a plug that filters out the surrounding air compared to ordinary medical masks. Therefore, they provide a much higher level of protection compared to other bacteria and viruses such as Corona virus. Of course, the hygiene of the mask and the prevalence of the epidemic around you also increase the threat rate. In short, no mask protects you 100% against the Corona virus, it only allows you to take action.


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