“Does wearing a mask protect against the virus?” The question was answered


“Does wearing a mask protect against the virus?” The question has become one of the most talked about situations today. Due to the Corona virus, many countries have to wear masks. The answer to the curious question came by experts from the University of Hong Kong. The results of experiments on mice have been announced. The description was gratifying for the use of the mask.

Does wearing a mask protect against the virus?
As a result of experiments at the University of Hong Kong, the protection of the mask against the virus has been proven. In experiments on mice, the cages of healthy and corona-infected mice were placed side by side. A surgical mask was placed between the cages. However, air flow was provided from the cage of sick mice to the cage of healthy mice.

As a result of the experiment, it was revealed that the use of mask reduced the rate of catching the virus by 60 percent. Two-thirds of healthy mice were infected when a mask was not inserted at the intermediate point. This infection occurred within 1 week.

As a result of the research, it was noted that the mask reduced the transmission rate of the virus to 15 percent when worn on infected mice and 35 percent when worn on healthy animals.

It was pointed out that the rate of infection was quite low by masking the mice with the virus. This research was done, “Does wearing a mask protect from virus?” He answered the question and showed the necessity of wearing a mask.

Mask corona will continue to be our number one in anti-virus measures.


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