Wearing a Mask According to a New Study Seriously Reduces the Amount of Virus in the Air


A new study by scientists has revealed that medical masks reduce the number of viruses in the air. Regular use of masks can slow the outbreak by reducing the number of viruses in the air.

Many measures are taken to slow down and then stop the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to the general measures taken, it can play an important role in stopping the virus outbreak in personal measures. People wearing masks are seen as one of the important steps to stop the virus outbreak. A new study shows how effective masks are in reducing the pace of the virus outbreak.

An international team of scientists conducted a study to understand how effective medical masks would be in reducing the rate of spread of the coronavirus. The results of the study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, show that medical masks slow the spread of the virus.

A study to reveal the effect of masks included 246 volunteers suspected of carrying viral infections. In the study, 111 volunteers wore masks while others did not.

The number of virus particles in environments with masked and unmasked people has been revealed with a device called Gesundheit II that can mimic human breathing and analyze samples in the air. In measurements with Gesundheit II, it was found that the use of masks significantly reduced the number of virus particles.

The results of this study on medical masks show that the use of masks is important for slowing down and stopping the outbreak beyond protecting ourselves. Taking into consideration the research, it is necessary to take care to wear a mask when contacting people outside of the areas where wearing a mask is mandatory.


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