#WearAMask: Twitter turns likes into emoji using mask


In yet another effort to encourage personal protection, Twitter replaced the familiar hearts of “likes” with emojis wearing a mask. “#WearAMask” is the hashtag chosen by the social network to take tweets of recommendations for the period of pandemic and fight against coronavirus.

Previously, the social network promised to repay the user base with the much requested button for editing tweets, in exchange for the adoption of the use of masks by everyone. The proposal, of course, is only part of an awareness campaign of the social network, which disseminates the same recommendations of international health authorities.

“#WearAMask” or “Wear a mask” is the current initiative that replaces hearts with mask emojis. This time, the platform tries to encourage users to communicate about personal protection, while voluntarily increasing the reach of relevant tweets with thousands of likes.

The change of heart by emojis and flags is not new and tends to favor the dissemination of a message. Twitter has already changed likes to encourage communication about the pride of the LGBTQ + community, football games, basketball and the latest Apple event.

Usually, simply replacing likes with some animation or figure already boosts the reach of tweets and the event. Therefore, it is interesting that Twitter used this tool to raise conscious voices during the pandemic.


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