Wearable mouse lets you control apps with hand gestures


A wearable that works as a hand mouse to control equipment was successful on the web. The device called Pero can be used to open programs and perform functions by touching the accessory. You can also use the cursor with your hand, switch between apps, and trigger functions in compatible apps. It works with cell phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, consoles and even drones.

The accessory is part of a crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform and has already reached the stipulated target of US $ 10,000 (about R $ 54,000). So far, the project has raised approximately US $ 110 thousand (R $ 603 thousand in direct conversion). Interested parties must pay amounts starting at US $ 109 (R $ 587) to contribute to the campaign.

Despite doing a job similar to a mouse, Pero is a slightly different device. The accessory resembles a bracelet, only worn on the hand, above the thumb. The position is strategic, as it allows a greater combination of touches with movements, and can generate up to 48 commands. The communication between the wearable and the devices is made through a wireless connection.

Pero can connect with both cell phones and tablets, computers and other devices that have a Bluetooth connection from version 4.0 onwards, such as smartwatches and video games. It is also possible to connect it to a drone to control it more easily with the movement of your hand.

The device can not only be activated with the movements of the hand but also learns the user’s gestures. In addition, it is possible to configure the most used commands for each application individually. The same gesture can be used to trigger different things in different programs, for example.

Pero is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The developers still promise that using it can replace the mouse, in addition to preventing wrist injuries. According to the researchers, the user will be able to use it for 37 hours away from the outlets. When the battery runs out, the promise is that in half an hour the device will be fully charged.

The accessory is available in black and platinum. The distribution is expected to happen from November this year to the whole world.


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