Wear OS will remind you to wash your hands!


Wear OS, developed by Google for use in smart watches, will remind you to wash your hands with the new update. As part of the update to the Google Clock application, we will be able to see the hand wash reminder on smart watches. In the event of an outbreak, we will no longer forget to wash our hands, which we need to pay more attention to. So, how will Wear OS handwash reminder be used?

Wear OS will make a hand wash reminder
The handwashing reminder alert expected to come with Google Clock update v5.4.0 will be valid for smartwatches using Wear OS. With the new feature, you will receive notification every three hours and when you go to the sink to wash your hand, you can start a 40-second countdown. If you do not want to use this setting, you will have the option to disable it at any time.

The feature available with a third-party app on Apple Watch will be available on a system basis for Android watches. Due to the corona virus epidemic that has been spreading across the world for the past few months, we pay much more attention to hygiene. Launching an important feature in this regard with the new update, Google also provides its own help, like many companies, to prevent the disease.

Known as the best way to prevent the corona virus outbreak; The rule of washing hands with soap for 20 seconds is of great importance. The best way to prevent the virus that is transmitted by human to human contact from entering the body is not to touch your hand against your face. With the new update coming, Google will remind you to wash your hands.

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