Wear OS Received Keyboard Update


Wear OS has received the new update prepared. This update brings a new keyboard to smartwatches with Wear OS operating systems. Google is bringing the Gboard keyboard, which it offers on Android, iOS and Android TV platforms, to Wear OS.

It also supports different input methods in the Wear OS version of Gboard. This new keyboard is described as more “finger friendly” compared to Wear OS. Users can type with this keyboard by touching, swiping or dictating with voice. The new keyboard, which makes it easier to access emojis, also offers more advanced suggestions.

Google is also implementing multi-language support with the new keyboard. In Gboard’s Wear OS app, a language shortcut is available under the keyboard that makes it possible to switch between different languages.

Although the keyboard update for Google Wear OS seems small, it is important in terms of showing that the internet giant has not forgotten the Wear OS platform. It will not come as a surprise that Google will make new announcements about Wear OS at the I / O 2021 developer conference.


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