We will witness pizza delivery by drone in 2021


Pizza Hut wants to deliver pizza by drone. The food company, which started to work for its vision of the future, is considering to make faster delivery at once by taking advantage of technology. Pizza Hut plans to continue its vision of the future with the tests it will launch in June.

We will see drones more often in 2021

When drone technology first began to emerge as a viable, flowable means of transport, it was followed with great interest by engineers and companies.

It seems that the drone technology intended for aid will begin to deliver pizza to the state-approved landing sites in 2021.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Pizza Hut Israel is currently conducting research and testing the delivery of multiple orders by sending drones to designated areas such as parking lots until June.

“Drone delivery is a very good thing to talk about,” Ido Levanon, Managing Director of Dragontail Systems Ltd., the technology firm that coordinates Pizza Hut’s drone trial, told Wall Street Jouernal. But it is unrealistic to think that we will soon see drones flying all over the sky throw pizza into everyone’s backyard. ” said.

How would you welcome the delivery of pizza to your home with a drone?


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