We visited LaLiga stadiums with Microsoft Flight Simulator


We fly over the main stadiums of the Spanish First Division of soccer with Microsoft’s flight simulation game for PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the new bombshell of this 2020. The most complete, deep and surprising game at the simulation level, is garnering great criticism (93 in Meristation and 93 on average in Metacritic) for the spectacular way it recreates all – or almost- the corners of the world. In this case, at Meristation we wanted to take a tour of the skies of Spain to see how the main LaLiga stadiums are recreated. A review of the great temples of football these days that we cannot attend the fields to, at least, remember them from the outside … And from the sky.

The Microsoft title would not be possible at any other time than this 2020, thanks to the Azure AI that is responsible for collecting all the information to recreate the cities and locations of the world in the best way. It is true that there is still room for improvement and that there are certain places, such as some of the football fields that we show you, that are not detailed as they should. But you just have to give time to time.

A game for the future

In our analysis, the conclusions could not be clearer: “it is the most complete and realistic civil aviation simulator to date. Never before has it been possible to exceed the level of ambition that Asobo Studio set for itself. To be able to visit the entire planet with Our plane and doing it with this degree of quality is a dream. The high degree of customization allows you to configure the experience that best suits your circumstances as a player, including what type of peripherals you have in your possession “.

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