“We used to make noise and make fun of each other,” Henry Cavill Playfully Reacted to The Fact That Millie Bobby Brown Became a Sister in Enola Holmes 2.


Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill were already Netflix royalties for the main series of the platform “Very Strange Things” and “The Witcher”, respectively. Having achieved huge success in their individual shows, in 2020 two British actors came together to play Sherlock Holmes and his brilliant sister Enola in the Netflix original movie “Enola Holmes”. As if that wasn’t enough, the sequel to the bizarre film reunited Cavill and Brown as a dynamic duo of detectives in the latest film, “Enola Holmes 2.”

Since the second film also received rave reviews, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill actively participated in advertising. Whether it’s exploring their characters or exchanging behind-the-scenes shenanigans; the two are having fun talking about their movie. In a recent interview, the actor “The Man from A.N.K.L.” even talked about on-screen family ties.

Henry Cavill shares his experience with Millie Bobby Brown in the role of brother and sister in the movie “Enola Holmes 2”.

A few weeks ago, Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown appeared as guests on the popular talk show “Good Morning America”. Apart from their breakthrough roles and upcoming projects, they were obviously discussing their latest film. When asked what it was like to “have a little sister,” Cavill had a charming but hilarious answer ready.

“I mean, I’m from a family of five boys. As it is, we are used to making noise and making fun of each other all the time. And it’s pretty much Millie,” the 39—year-old actor said, pulling Brown’s leg.

The entire audience in the studio and the presenters burst out laughing, listening to Cavill poking fun at Brown. Even “Stranger Things” couldn’t help but giggle at the sarcastic but endearing remark.

“I’m not really a sister. I would be more like a brother,” Brown said, responding and turning to Cavill for consent.

However, the Witcher actor replied with a shrug and simply: “I do not know,” which caused further laughter.

Brown went on to explain why, in her opinion, Enola and Sherlock shared a brotherly camaraderie rather than a brother-sister relationship in the traditional sense. Despite the fact that the action of “Enola Holmes 2” takes place in the 1800s, there is a little “masculinity” in it that people can understand. In the last film, Cavill and Brown even shared more screen time and their equation, as both brothers and sisters and fellow detectives see a beautiful and very interesting narrative arc.

How do you think Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown cope with the role of on-screen siblings? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 broadcast on Netflix.


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