“We tried desperately…” — Zachary Levi Told About Henry Cavill and “Shazam!” Live on Instagram.


If you are Shazam! Fan, you would expect Henry Cavill to play Superman in Shazam! Rage of the gods. And fans have every right to be upset without seeing how their favorite actor played a cameo role in the long-awaited film. The neglect was expected, since last year the bosses of the District of Columbia removed the star of “The Witcher” from the Universe. Nevertheless, Zachary Levi caused a storm of indignation by confessing to a major act that he did for the actor of “Man of Steel”. What did he say about the British actor’s cameo in the film?

The first Shazam! The film saw a faceless Superman cameo near the end of the film. Asher Angel even justified this scene during one of his interviews. Recently, the main actor of the film, Zachary Levi, told important information about the cameo. On Instagram live, he talked about it and admitted that he was desperately trying to get Henry Cavill on board. However, some unnamed sources were categorically against this idea.

“We were desperate to get Henry Cavill in the first movie,” the actor said, according to Fanside. He also added that it was not a faceless cameo, but they planned that an actor from The Witcher would appear in the film. Being a comedy nerd, the 42-year-old actor said he was also upset that they couldn’t find the Man of Steel himself.

This wasn’t the first time someone had worked hard to make Cavill a part of the DC universe.

Who else fought for Henry Cavill to appear in a DC movie?

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the management of DC Studios, a movie called “Black Adam” was released. In the film, Dwayne Johnson was the main character, followed by a post-credits scene with Superman. He hailed Cavill as the greatest Superman he had ever seen during one of the interactions. The “Red Notice” actor also fought for a 39-year-old man.

He appealed directly to the Warner Bros. executives. and received approval for the appearance of an English actor. However, despite the fact that fans liked it and expected more, James Gunn ruled out this possibility by announcing another Superman movie.

This makes it clear that the actors fought for Cavill, but unfortunately; they didn’t get permission. What do you think about it? You also wanted Superman Cavill in Shazam! Rage of the gods? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.


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